SpotHero opens 500 parking sites in Chicago to self-driving vehicles


If you're game to being a passenger in a self-driving vehicle in Chicago, on-demand parking-spot finder SpotHero has a space for you.

SpotHero (@SpotHero), founded by Chicago-area natives, announced Tuesday it has equipped more than 500 connected parking facilities on its platform for autonomous vehicles.

The garages, lots and other facilities are outfitted with license plate recognition, IoT (Internet of Things) sensor technologies, and other forms of license plate redemption that will let vehicles book, pay, enter and exit seamlessly.

"We know that congestion is the enemy of urban mobility, but simply investing in more vehicle innovation – self-driving cars, scooters, flying taxis or otherwise – won’t reduce it," SpotHero said in a statement.

"A better parking infrastructure will.

"It’s been estimated that a whopping 30 percent of urban traffic is the result of drivers looking for a place to park, demonstrating the need for parking innovation at the heart of the greater urban mobility discussion."